Company 95 was dispatched to a vehicle crash, unknown injuries at 2152 Farmington Avenue in Douglass Township at 1852 hours. On arrival the vehicle was found to be abandoned and the engine was cool to the touch. The area was checked and no occupants found in the area. The area was secured and hazmat booms were placed below the vehicle as it was sitting on the oil pan on top of a rock wall. Douglassville Auto Body arrived on location and evaluated the incident and called Hawk Towing to respond with a large Rotator Tow truck to lift the vehicle out of it’s precarious position sitting on the oil pan, pinned in by large rocks and very close to rolling over. The owner arrived on scene and said the driver was not injured but did not return to the scene. Douglassville Auto Body and Hawk Towing worked together to lift the vehicle and put it on Douglassville’s flatbed.

Douglass Township Police are investigating the crash.