Saturday November 5, 2022 was a great day for BAF&R as our own Josh Trate was released from the hospital after a lengthy illness and Captain Chuck Neubauer and Josh’s brother Lt. Tim Trate took Engine 95-1 to the Reading Rehab facility and transported Josh home to the Warwick Street Station to a large crowd of first responders from BAF&R, Eastern Berks Fire, Earl Township Fire, Gilbertsville Fire & Rescue, Boyertown Ambulance, Bally Ambulance and Douglass Montgomery Police. Josh was not aware of the plans and had two surprises to welcome him home, the ride home in the fire truck and then a large crowd of brother and sister first responders waiting to greet him and his family. There was a large custom made card that everyone signed and a snack basket from his fellow BAF&R Members. Chaplain Mark Malizzi addressed the crowd expressing great gratitude to everyone and how proud he is of the great partnership between the local companies and how we are all here for each other. Josh will soon be back in action responding to calls after a brief recovery period but he will still be active helping with activities and working with Fire Chief Greg Deiterich and Fire Commissioner Jeff Bealer keeping him busy.