Santa requested that BAF&R escort him around the northern section of Douglass Township, Berks County and Crews were going to meet him at The Warwick Street Station but as we were preparing to start our journey, the Grinch showed up and got on Engine 95-1 and followed behind Santa who was riding on top of Collapse 95. We did not have any issues with the Grinch until we arrived on West Pine Ford Road and the Grinch’s twin brother showed up. We were able to get Santa out of there and continued our journey but the Grinch stayed with us. We contacted numerous children and adults along our way and handed out candy canes to many children. We had a great time and were ahead of schedule so we added part of Colebrookdale Township and Boyertown to our travels. Santa was able to wish many children and their parents a Merry Christmas. We ended our Journey with a special visit to 10 year old Ethan Schoenly on 6th St in Boyertown so Santa could pay him a special visit. Ethan is recovering from a traumatic accident where he was run over in the Giant parking lot earlier this year. This visit topped of a very special day for all of us.