Company 95 was dispatched at 1436 hours for a brush fire along the railroad tracks behind 51 Birch Lane. FC 95 arrived on location and found access was very difficult without going on the rails, he contacted Berks DES and advised that they notify Colebrookdale Railroad that BAF&R would have control of the tracks in that area and that Utility 95-1 should be put on the rails at Greshville Road. Captain 95-2 and his crew put the truck on the rails and proceeded to the scene of the fire. Engine 95-1 and Tanker 97 set up water supply at 23 Birch Lane and filled the Utility several times due to the size of the fire. This fire was sparked by the train as it was heading to Pottstown, a neighbor told us the train went through and several minutes later there was smoke coming from the area of the tracks. Crews found there were two good sized fires burning that were about 100 yards from each other and both were not near any road crossing so Utility 95-1 worked very well allowing firefighters to get right up to the fire. Douglass Police and Eastern Berks Regional Police both assisted in making sure train traffic was stopped as Berks DES could not reach anyone at Colebrookdale Railroad by phone. BAF&R was assisted by Eastern Berks Fire, Earl Township Fire, Monarch Fire, Exeter Fire, PA DCNR, Boyertown Ambulance and The Salvation Army Canteen. Thanks to everyone that helped and special Thanks to the Residents at 51 Birch Lane and 23 Birch Lane for allowing us access through their properties.