08-28-2022 – At 2352 hours Company 95 was requested for the Special Operations Division by the Birdsboro-Union Fire Company for a vehicle into a residence with entrapment and fire in the 100 block of Shed Road in Union Township. Collapse 95, Collapse 95-1, Traffic 95, and Utility 95 with the lumber trailer all made the response with 13 personnel. Upon arrival it was determined a vehicle had struck the delta side of the residence knocking down a portion of an enclosed porch and the continued striking a parked vehicle and also taking down the entire enclosed porch on the Charlie side of the residence.

Personnel entered the residence and discovered some broken studs on the second floor and also that the Charlie exterior wall moved. It was decided to setup some of the Paratech struts and walers on the inside of the residence to support the floor joists of the second floor at the charlie/delta corner where the vehicle struck and was resting on the exterior. Crews also decided and constructed a similar support system on the exterior of the delta side to support the remaining wall and roof of the enclosed porch. Collapse Officers met with Command and the towing company to plan the removal of the vehicles from the residence. The removal operation was stopped several times to check the residence and the support systems to assure no movement.

After the vehicles were removed, personnel removed the temporary support systems and there was no additional movement and a meeting was held with the homeowner to advise them of the damage and additional risks with the condition of the building. Command began releasing units and the company was placed available at 0210 hours.