Become a Volunteer

Is your daily work as satisfying as saving a life?

Certainly not every fire call results in saving a life, but each time we leave the fire station we are helping our neighbors in need. You can join this organization and show your community you care. If you feel like you have extra time on your hands or want to be involved in your community but don’t know how to go about doing that, then let us show you how to become a volunteer.

Boyertown Area Fire & Rescue, Inc. (B.A.F. & R.) is an all volunteer Fire Company that provides Fire and Rescue services to Boyertown Borough, Colebrookdale Township and the northern half of Douglass Township in Berks County. We provide rescue services for vehicle, structure, trench, Confined Space and water. We also provide assistance and quick response service to the local emergency medical services. We also need Fire Police who serve a vital role in protecting their fellow emergency service workers while on emergency scenes.

We are also involved in many public relations events and fundraisers where you can help even if you do not wish to become a firefighter; we have Associate memberships that allow you to be a member and help with these events as well as assisting with the administrative side of the Company.


  • DESIRE – We are looking for individuals who desire to become part of their local fire company, and a desire to help out in their community. Most people involved have a very strong desire and stay with the Company for many years.
  • AVAILABILITY – We need volunteers that are available to assist in whatever area of the company they choose to serve. This means as an Operational Member you must live in or have primary employment(employment requires that your employer allows you to leave for calls) within (4 ½ ) four and a half miles of our first due outer boundary and as an Associate Member you must reside or have primary employment or reside within the Boyertown Area School District.
  • BACKGROUND CHECKS – The integrity and moral compass of B.A.F. & R. is something we have taken very serious from the very beginning of the Company. We do require Criminal History checks, Child Line checks and Driver history checks to insure that the public has complete trust in having us in their residences and around their family.
  • FEES – There is a non-refundable twenty-five dollar application fee which covers all of your expenses for the background checks that are needed and upon approval and acceptance into the Company you will be provided a T-shirt. We do not charge our member an annual fee.
  • TRAINING – There is no requirement to have required training prior to joining the company, but you must be willing to attend training after joining which is paid for by the Company.


We are seeking Cadets that are age (14) fourteen to (15) fifteen years of age who are willing to learn and work their way up through the ranks to someday become Junior Firefighters.

We are looking for Junior Firefighters that are age (16) sixteen to (17) seventeen years of age who are willing to learn and have a little more responsibility and work their way up through the ranks to become Senior Fire Fighters.

We are looking for Senior Firefighters that are age (18) eighteen plus who have no training as well as those who do have training and experience to start helping on emergency calls.

We are looking for Fire Police Officers who are over 18 years of age and willing to learn and assist as needed.

We also need Associate Members who are over (18) eighteen years of age to help with administrative and fundraising functions


  • Search burning buildings to locate victims
  • Rescue victims from burning buildings and accident sites
  • Administer first aid & CPR to injured persons
  • Respond to fire alarms and other calls for assistance
  • Position and climb ladders to access upper levels of buildings
  • Use axes, saws and cutters to create openings to ventilate buildings
  • Vehicle Rescue, extricate victims from crushed /overturned vehicles
  • Collapse Rescue, rescue & recover victims from structures & trenches
  • Technical Rescue, High Angle, Confined Space and Water
  • Wear fire fighter gear, helmets, gloves goggles and breathing apparatus
  • Drive and operate fire fighting apparatus and equipment


All you need to do is complete an application packet and possibly have an interview with our Membership Officers.

You can get an application packet by contacting us through our web site, stopping by our North Reading Avenue Station on a Monday night after 6:45 PM., Contact us at 610-369-3777 and leave a message, or ask one of our members. We look forward to joining our family.